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Grieving the Loss of a Pet
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Workshops are classified by Level I and Level II as described below.  Class sizes are limited to ensure personalized attention.

Level I Workshop Includes:

  • Meditation to connect with an Animal Guide.
  • Exercises in opening telepathic communication abilities.
  • Exercises with classmates in sending and receiving communications.
  • Sending and receiving communications with your Pets currently living with you.

Level II Workshop Includes:

  • Broaden the skills learned in Level I
  • Learning to dowse with "L" rods and pendulums.
  • Exercises in telepathically communicating with lost, sick, and deceased pets.
  • Learning about reincarnation, spirits and walk-ins.
  • Sending and receiving communications with your Pets that have crossed over.

Cindy's current workshop/expo event schedule can be found here.

Would you like to learn animal communication for FREE?  Consider hosting a workshop.  Invite family and friends for a day of fun, learning and spiritual awareness.  As a host you will provide: Space for 10+ people, water and other beverages, snacks for breaks and collection of workshop fee.  Classmates will bring their own bag lunch.

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