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Grieving the Loss of a Pet
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Cindy has always had a close affinity, love and respect for animals and has been communicating with them all her life. After the sudden deaths of two of her dogs; she decided to pursue connecting with her animal companions on a higher and deeper level. Cindy has completed advanced studies for animal communication techniques and has enhanced her skills under the direction of Penelope Smith and Anita Curtis; two internationally known animal communicators.

On a personal note this is a story I share in my workshops- when I completed my studies-summer of 1998, I came home and wanted to practice and enhance my telepathic skills. We have a couple of acres and there has always been an abundance of wildlife on our property so I decided to sit outside on our steps off our deck and give it a go. I was very excited to communicate this was and in my head I was saying, "does anyone want to talk with me???" (It was more shouting) Of course I had envisioned chatting with a bird, or chipmunk, bunny--something cue and furry.....well to my chagrin there was not a single critter in the yard! So once again a bit more emphatic, I thought in my mind "Is there anyone that would like to talk with me?" I sat quietly waiting and I heard a soft voice say, "I'll talk to you". I scanned the yard frantically from my seat anticipating some cute, furry animal making themself known - and nothing. I thought in my mind--'Where are you?" and the soft voice responded, "I'm here, right next to you." I looked in front of me--nothing, to my right, nothing and then to my left and there on the railing next to the step I was sitting on was a female praying mantis. I was kind of shocked to say the least---this was not what I was I looked at her and I said--"was hat you? and she replied, "yes". She then proceeded to give me some pointers on telepathic communication and the suggested protocol I should follow when communicating with the animal world. It was only minutes but seemed so much longer. I thanked her for her insight and suggestions and asked her if I could shake her 'hand' in I stuck out my right index finger and she responded by extending her foreleg and touching my finger! I was just beside myself with this physical connection!

Cindy was featured in the Woman's Day Magazine article -
12 Pet-Pampering Procedures; she also serves on the Board of Directors for Unlimited Rainbow Animal Haven, Dauphin County, PA (URAH) ; and is a member of Women in the Pet Industry.

Cindy is also is an Ordained Minister, Tera-Mai´┐Ż Reiki/Seichem Master, a Certified Master Teacher of Magnified Healing, trained in Healing Touch for Animals with Carol Komitor, and a flower essence practitioner and offers those techniques/modalities for helping animals as well. Cindy has also completed coursework and has received her certification diploma in Animal Psychology. Cindy recently received her Certificate for completing the Science & Art of Herbalism, an intensive herbal program with Rosemary Gladstar (at Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat Center & Botanical Sanctuary, in the Green Mountains of Vermont) in the didactic, therapeutic, laboratory and fieldwork of Herbalism. Shortly after receiving her certification she formulated her own line of 100% USDA Certified Organic herbal tinctures for pets, which became available June, 2010.. You can purchase Peaceable Kingdom Essentials product line at

In addition to her animal endeavor, she has been a part of the legal community for almost 2 decades as a Paralegal and attends annual classes on Animal Law given by the Pennsylvania Bar Institute. Cindy has been featured in articles in the Main Line Times, News of Delaware County, and the Harrisburg Patriot News, The Hummelstown Sun and has appeared on the television show 'Our Town' on WGCB-Red Lion, PA and has also been featured on BBC Radio and the Internet radio show 'The Soft Edge' with host C J Hoffman. She is also a featured guest on the "DeLuca in the Morning show" WDJQ - Q92 FM, Canton, OH. Cindy is listed on Penelope Smith's 'International Directory of Animal Communicators'. Cindy was also a contributor to Penelope Smith's book Animals in Spirit (January 2008). She is a member/supporter of the Humane Society of the United States, ASPCA, Blue Grass Shih Tzu Rescue-KY, various Sheltie/Collie rescues in PA, PAWS, Animal Law section of the Pennsylvania Bar Institute and The Ocean Conservancy.

All consultations are done either over the telephone (717) 566-0922 eastern time, or email:  by appointment (emergencies may be honored immediately). Morning and evening consultations are available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Gift Certificates are also available.

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