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herbs for your birds's health
from the website Birdcare Co.

Enable your bird to self medicate naturally! Each herb has been chosen for its healing and preventative properties.

Directions: Offer Herb Salad dry, in shallow dishes so that your birds can find the particular herb it needs. Replenish as necessary or every two weeks.


Astragalus        immune system stimulator, aids digestion, energy, kidneys

Barberry           C, antiseptic, respiratory, antibacterial, blood purifier, liver function  

Chickweed        C, B6, B12, D, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, stomach, respiratory

Dandelion          liver, kidneys, stomach, vitamins, rich in potassium, iron, calcium

Echinacea         antibiotic, antiviral, strengthens immunity, vitamins & proteins

Elderberry         respiratory, anti-inflammatory, blood purifier, stimulates appetite         

Garlic                 antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, fertility, immune system, heart

Kelp                   iodine, thyroid, stimulant, emollient, protects mucous membranes       

Lavender           stimulant, digestion, essential oils, relieves stress, metabolism  

Licorice             expectorant, liver detoxifier, anti-inflammatory, delicious flavor  

Marshmallow    heals wounds, calcium, A, diuretic, demulcent, tonic

Milk thistle        liver repair, heart, lungs, circulation, expels intestinal worms

Oatstraw           rich in calcium, magnesium, yeast infections, antiseptic, thyroid

Olive leaf          chronic skin problems, allergies, improves the will to live in sick birds  

Pau d’ arco       antibacterial, blood cleanser, fights infections, liver, candida

Plantain             kidneys, bladder, appetite, diarrhea, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory

Red clover        relaxant, antibiotic, inflammations, biotin, minerals, B’s, A, C

Spirulina           fertility, growth, immune system, stress reducer, color, protein

Thyme               antibacterial, kills and expels worms, fights diarrhea

 Valerian            feather plucking, aggressiveness, pain relief, nervous conditions

Wormwood       liver, aids digestion, encourages appetite, kills & expels worms

Yarrow               blood purifier, liver function, virus & fungal inhibitor, tonic

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