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Grieving the Loss of a Pet
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What is Animal Communication?
Animal communication is the process by which impressions, thoughts, images and feelings can be transmitted and each received between beings of different species. Communication with animals using telepathy is also called two-way thought transference. It is often called "The Universal Language". Animal communication is like carrying on a conversation about the past, present or future plans. (But not predictions; I am not a fortune teller.) Questions often include: How do you feel? Do you like your food? How were you injured? Where does it hurt? Do you like this kennel/stable? How is the fit of your shoes/saddle/harness? Animals can even be asked if they want euthanasia.

Does the animal need to be present?
No. Consultations are usually by telephone. There are fewer distractions if the animal is not present. In fact, the animal can be in a third location far away from both the animal communicator and the owner, as in the case of lost animals.

What is the procedure for a consultation?
You begin by making an appointment (by phone or email) and supplying the following information about each animal: name, breed/physical appearance, age, gender, how long you have had them. At the agreed-upon day and time, Cindy will call you. You then ask the questions you have for your animals. It is

Spring Book
(see pages 34-35)
suggested that you prepare questions and or issues prior to the consultation. The average consultation lasts approximately 30 minutes depending on the circumstances. Usually questions and concerns are answered in that amount of time. In the case of lost animals or multiple pet homes the consultation will take longer. Cindy interprets and expresses the answers they send her.  After the consultation, you will send a check or money order payable to Cindy Wenger.

Can you talk to any kind of animal?
YES! You can speak to any living thing, wild or domestic - they are all intelligent, feeling, thinking beings. I have spoken to a Preying Mantis, dragon fly, llamas, horses, dogs, cats, cows, parrots, rabbits, turtles, fish, birds, sheep, squirrels - and on and on!

How do I know you're talking to my animal?
While I am confident that we are communicating, it is also evident to others because of the response of their animal or the results. I may mention something that only the owner and their animal would know or behavior problems will improve, the animal will become more cooperative or the animal will become brighter more active, or more relaxed. Generally you'll know if it's your animal very quickly - if not, we try again. During the initial phone call to make the appointment for the consultation, I will ask the name, age and complete physical description of your animal. I personally like to sit with your animal companion(s) just before your phone call to see what they have to say without their human on the other line. Most of time they will tell me about what the issues are before you even ask!

Do you hear words when you speak to an animal?
Sometimes I do. Telepathic information comes in words or sound, mental pictures, physical and emotional feelings and an intuitive sense of knowing. When I speak to an animal, I can get answers in any of these forms

Can you learn to communicate with animals?
Telepathy is an ability that we are all born with. Unfortunately we are socialized out of this skill as we develop speech. You can regain your skills by taking a workshop with me and learning specific techniques that can aid in developing your natural abilities. We are all born with the ability!! It requires commitment, an open mind, trust and lots of practice.

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